Saturday, April 9, 2016

Greening Benefits for Humans

The current global warming is not an issue on the environment, melinkan of facts on the environmental issues that must be prevented. The problem with global warming could cause the climate change that is difficult to predict. In addition to global warming may lead to increased heat in the earth, causing the polar ice melts slowly. Global warming is caused by various factors such as fumes, smoke factory, greenhouse effect, and much more.

So therefore it's good if global warming is prevented by paying attention and keeping the surrounding environment. Real action that can be done to prevent global warming such as greening the environment. Greening the environment certainly has many benefits for mankind. Well on this occasion will discuss what are the actual benefits of reforestation to humans. To find out what are the benefits, consider the following review.

The following Greening Benefits for Humans

Assist in Maintaining Quality Groundwater

Benefits for the greening of the first man was helpful in maintaining groundwater quality is getting better. With the greening it can restore the function of catchment areas in the city. With this greening process will certainly make balancing the proportion of land area and also green zone that is used for building. Now therefore greening is very important in maintaining the green zone in the city.

Helps in Preventing Floods

Benefits for the next human greening is helpful in preventing the occurrence of floods. In urban areas, flood-prone area. To prevent the occurrence of flooding can be done with greening measures. The area of ??forest watersheds can be a city, a city park, as well as a football field. The benefits of reforestation in the region is to assist in reducing the flow of water during the rainy season because there will seep into the soil well. This greening effort be the best way to help prevent flooding in urban areas.

Helps in Reducing Air Pollution

Benefits of subsequent greening process is helpful in reducing air pollution. The process of greening on the way to work in helping to reduce air pollution from motor vehicle fumes. It certainly would reduce the prevention of global warming that can cause depletion of the ozone layer. In addition to the greening of the road will make the air be fresher because carbon monoxide is absorbed and the tree will be releasing oxygen.

Helps in Reducing Impact of Acid Rain

Benefits subsequent greening process is helpful in reducing the impact of acid rain. Acid rain may be caused by pollution from vehicle exhaust and factory which is bad for the air quality. To help reduce air pollution tersebyt it takes greening such as planting trees to absorb carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide as well. With the trees will make the air becomes much cleaner.

Help Protect Wildlife

With the greening process was not only helps in reducing air pollution, but also help in protecting wildlife. With the tree planting will help rare birds that live in urban or also other rare animals living in the wild. With so surely will help in preventing the extinction of endangered animals.

For the other benefits of reforestation processes such as preventing the effects of the greenhouse, assist in controlling the climate, reducing the particles of dust, the supply of natural fertilizer, and lots more.


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