Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Clean and Care Leather Shoes

Shoes with leather material must require special attention to terms of treatment. This is because different shoes with leather shoes that use common materials. Moreover the price of leather shoes mnenggunakan have higher prices than the shoes with the usual ingredients. For how mnembersihkan and care it requires different technique that remain durable shoes. Well on this occasion will discuss some ways to clean and care for leather shoes. For those of you who have leather shoes, please try the following ways!

Here are Some Ways in Cleaning and Maintenance Leather Shoes

Using Soft Brush

The first way in cleaning and caring for leather shoes is to use a soft brush. To clean leather shoes try to use a soft brush to remove surface dirt on the skin surface of the shoe. So why use a brush with soft surfaces? It is very useful to keep the surface of the shoes remain durable and not broken.

Rubbing with Cain Lap and Little Water

How to clean leather shoes by rubbing the second is to use a washcloth, written with a little water. For how this one also try using a cloth or a cloth that has a soft surface. Give a little water on a rag or cloth, then rub a little fiber into it and rub gently until frothy. After gently rubbing the foam then rinse with water until clean. After rinsing with water, dry the leather shoes by itself.

Draining in place Open

For the next way to clean and care for leather shoes is by drying in an open place. Try not to put shoes in places with hot temperatures or under direct sunlight. This can cause the shoes to be damaged or cause skin color becomes faded. So to overcome that try to dry the shoes in places open enough alone and simply air the course.

Use Oil Stoat

The next way is to use mink oil (mink oil) for shoes that use synthetic materials. Mink oil can help in shoes with synthetic leather will be more durable. To use it you also need to require a rag to clean the surface with a clean cloth and then rub gently.

Avoid the use of shoes in the wet state

The next way is to avoid the use of shoes in wet conditions. Using leather shoes are wet can damage parts of the shoe. For that when using the leather shoes is good to ensure that your leather shoes are completely dry.

Shoe Store in Outside the Box

The next way is to keep the shoes on the outside of the box, Give time for at least one day before use in order to shoes with leather material can dry completely. By doing it this way will certainly make your leather shoes will last longer.

Thus was some way to clean and care for leather shoes that you can do to get a leather shoe more durable and long lasting. For the other way is to use a spray that uses silicon material. For this special way for the use suede shoes so would be more suitable.



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